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  • Our Story

  • The Women’s Influence Center is dedicated to ignite women’s influence for years to come. As we continue to celebrate women’s successes, and advocate for our members, our efforts ensure that Southern Utah remains a great place for women to work, play, and learn together.

    Our Vision: Every Woman Will Be Heard and Elevated, and Will Succeed.

    First Year Achievements

    • Women's Influence Center partnered with the St George Area Chamber of Commerce in 2017 to help bring personal, professional, and leadership development to the women of this region. 
    • Women's Influence Center provides one of the region’s ongoing formal women’s business training/expansion programs… an effort we will expand upon in 2018 and beyond.
    • The Women’s Influence Center leadership partnered with the Women’s Business Center in SLC to bring virtual learning services to women in our region.
    • Women's Influence Center worked with Susan Madsen and The Utah Women & Leadership Project (UWLP), a powerful organization exhibiting an ongoing commitment to strengthen the impact of Utah girls and women.
    • Women's Influence Center, with the Chamber of Commerce, produced the Annual Ignite Your Influence conference an exciting 2-day workshop for women to be heard, elevated, and succeed.
    • Women's Influence Center is providing a significant financial commitment to provide an annual scholarship to support women in the region to launch businesses, obtain training, and secure resources.


    View on Strong Women

    “I’ve had the opportunity to work and volunteer around the world, and one thing holds true wherever I go: women thrive with the support of other women. I see it in my girlfriends, in the young entrepreneurs I mentor globally, in the college students I’ve taught over the years, and among my professional colleagues both here and abroad. The Women’s Influence Center is an example of what happens when women come together in sincere support of one another.”
    - Shirlayne Quayle Women’s Influence Co-Founder



  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the Women's Influence Center?

    A: We are your center for achieving greater Influence in a world of growing Opportunity. We share valuable events, resources, and connections through monthly training and networking meetings that allow you to engage in friendships, promote advocacy, and develop various skill sets and mindsets. Choosing to join the Women's Influence Center will allow you to gain vital tool to assist you in thriving personally and professionally!


    Q: What does WIN stand for?

    A: Women's Influence Center


    Q: Does the WIN Center include men?

    A: Yes, there are many events sponsored by the Women's Influence Center that include our men folk. The center is not designed to segregate gender nor is it intended to "bash" on men.


    Q: Is the Women's Influence Center a shelter?

    A: No


    Q: Does the WIN Center serve children and families?

    A: Yes, by elevating the women who serve them.


    Q: Who founded the WIN Center?

    A: Shirlayne Quayle and Pam Palermo

  • Q: Does it cost to be a member of The Women's Influence Center?

    A: Yes- a link to our membership application with membership fees is located here


    Q: How can individuals and members get involved with Women's Influence Center to make a difference?

    A: Sponsorship Information and Join Now!


    Q: I am a student working on a project at school, could I get some answers to specific questions via call or email?

    A: Yes, contact us here!


    Q: I'd love to volunteer at the Women's Influence Center, how can I get started?

    A: More info on how to volunteer here!


    Q: I'd love to volunteer, but I'm under the age of 18, are there any opportunities for me?

    A: Yes! More info on how to volunteer here!


    Q: Can I visit the Women's Influence Center?

    A: Yes, contact us here!


    Q: How can I learn more about the Women's Influence Center?

    A: About Us and Membership Benefits.